Friday, March 7, 2008

Where is the Language Switcher? (MOSS Variation Label)

I’ve been following the guide in this article for a while, but I just don’t seem to get the nice little language switcher drop down list to appear on my SharePoint publishing site. After some additional research:

  • This other how-to article pointed out that you will have to assign the variation(s) to your master page before the variation label drop down list appears. In short, this is done by going into the Site Settings à Master Page Gallery. Check out the master page your publishing site is using and edit its properties. Under Variations section, pick the language you want to appear on the variation label drop down list.
  • Apparently the variation label drop down is disabled to improve performance. You'll need to modify the VariationsLabelMenu.ascx file in the CONTROLTEMPLATES folder to remove the commented line of code. (I wonder why we have to find this information from some blogs instead of from a proper MS documentation...)

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