Friday, May 11, 2007

SPS2003 "Add Link To Site" page stops responding

A client of mine is having a problem provisioning new team sites in their SPS2003 intranet portal. After some investigation, the problem is caused by the freezing on the 2nd page during site provisioning, the "Add Link To Site" page that adds a list item in the the Sites list in the Sites area. This page is important as it's the only place with a link from the portal to the team sites. Microsoft KB article 934229 states that it is a known issue and at this time is researching for a resolution. For the time being, the hanged provisioning process of the site can still continued by navigating to the site itself (http://portal/sites/newwsssite). From there, choose a site template and click OK, and the site is created. However, no link is provided in the Sites list. Hope MS comes up with a fix ASAP.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Enabling "Send to Records Center"

I've just discovered that MOSS 2007 has built-in functionality for Records Management. To know more about Records Management, refer to Microsoft Records Management Team Blog as they provide plenty of information on the 5W of Records Management with MOSS 2007. While trying it out myself on my MOSS 2007 sandbox, I am not able to get the feature where a user can send a document from anywhere to the Records Center. Apparently some setup is required before you get the Send To --> Records Center link in the document library item's context-sensitive drop down menu. First off, you need to create the Records Center site collection, which will provide you the basic Record Center stuff such as the Unclassified Records doclib and a few lists for routing and holding. To enable the "Send To" link, you need to specify "where" is the Records Center. This is done at the Central Admin --> Application Management --> External Service Connections --> Records Center. Enter the location of the Records Center web services asmx location. (an example is shown to point to http://server/portal/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx) Enter the Display name to be used on the "Send To" link here as well. Click OK to save the setting. No iisreset is required. Now try it on any documents in doclib, you should get the "Send to" link now. For now, any documents being sent to Records Center site collection should be routed to the one and only doclib, which is the Unclassified Records. Hopefully I can find some more time to experiment with the routing and holding list soon, and see how all these jells together to give some cool records management functionality. Reference: Information on Records Management: On how to enable "Send To" link: On planning Records Management: