Monday, March 31, 2008

Adding custom property into SharePoint Advance Search

It is not that difficult to add a property to be filterable in advance search, as long as you know how in the first place!

Ok, let’s say if you built a custom content type with custom column, and you want to make it searchable (must be index-able as well up front) in advance search, these are roughly the things you need to do:

1. Built your content type properly. Don’t simply add a field on the fly to your document library etc, as those don’t seem to be able to be indexed.

2. Make it indexed. Add the custom property into part of the index regime of the index service. This is done from SSP administration à Search Settings à Metadata Property Mapping. Take note of the property name, as it will be referenced in putting the field into the advance search property drop down list. Perform a crawl when you’re done.

3. Add into the Advance Search’s Properties. Go to the advance search page and edit the advance search web part. Under the Properties setting, add the custom property into the properties XML.

The XML should be pretty straight forward, but do refer to this blog for more information about it:

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