Saturday, June 25, 2011

Configuring SharePoint 2010 FBA

I have not been making good acquaintance with SharePoint 2010. Time to strengthen my relationship with my old pal…

Just few days back I were tasked to estimate some effort in building a simple extranet website. SharePoint 2010 is one of the option considered. But the user login database has to be separate from the organisation’s AD. Therefore, Form Based Authentication will be required. Now, setting up FBA in in SharePoint 2010 is different from MOSS 2007. So a refresh on that skill is required, by trying it out myself on my SharePoint 2010 test servers.

First step is to start with getting FBA to work in the most simplest form possible. That means making use of the good old ASP.NET Membership database which comes with .NET 2.0. That part of the work are still the same, but the similarity ends there. After reading a few blogs that doesn’t help me much, I found this blog entry from Donal Conlon, which provided me the best step-by-step I saw so far, which allow me to successfully get the FBA work on my SharePoint test servers. Thanks a lot!

Also, I found that CodePlex has some webparts for FBA user management.

And, some more in-depth Membership, Role and Profile stuff from 4GuysFromRolla, which provide some good foundation refresh for me as well.

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