Saturday, July 19, 2008

SharePoint user full name not reflected according to AD

Ok, first of all, this issue has nothing to do with user profile crawling. SharePoint seems to create some kind of user information store as of when a user first logs into the site collection. These information will not be updated when there are changes in the user’s AD user object, such as full name, department etc. Lots of people have this problem and blogged about it, but no real solution. I’m sure they have some kind of workaround but no one has posted it before.

Here’s my workaround. I’m sure MS does not support such actions, but we are desperate people (sometimes, at least). Run these SQL SELECT statements within your content DB, and you’ll know what to do next…

SELECT * FROM AllUserData WHERE tp_ContentType = 'Person'


SOME IMPORTANT ADVICE: 1)Backup your Content DB first before attempting any changes. 2) Experiment on your sandbox before making these changes permanent at your other actual environments. 3)You take responsibility on your own actions.

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